Less Expensive

Running on LPG, you’ll save a lot on running cost. It is 65% cheaper than conventional fuel. When incorporating the full life-cycle savings of operating gas automobile instead of diesel automobile, the savings goes even higher.

Better Performance

running on LPG helps to extend the lifespan of vehicles engine. It has a better combustion with a higher octane rating than petrol and diesel.

No Adulteration

Diesel adulteration is a problem in Nigeria-Industry experts estimate that at least 20% of diesel is adulterated in Nigeria. LPG/ CNG on the other hand can only be stored in high –pressure skids-eliminating the risk of adulteration.


Filling up is just as easy as petrol and there are quite a number of re-fuelling points in strategic places in all the states.

What we do

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Vehicle conversion

We specialize in converting vehicles to use Autogas, AutoGas vehicle users experience fuel cost savings. You can cut your operating and fuel costs substantially by converting your existing vehicles to AutoGas.

Historically, propane AutoGas costs less than Petrol or diesel, is safer for the environment and is more insulated from the price spikes conventional fuels experience.

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Sale of Autogas

We play a leading role in LPG sales, transportation, distribution and bulk supplies across Ghana and Nigeria

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Reduce pollution

LPG is cleaner than petrol and diesel because it is composed of
predominantly simple hydrocarbon compounds. LPG is free of lead and most additives and contains very little sulphur.

Compared with emissions from vehicles on petrol and diesel, emissions from LPG-driven vehicles contain lower levels of hydrocarbon compounds (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulphur oxides, air toxics, and particulates.

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